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Dynotron Appointed as Design Partner for Digi-Key Corporation 

Salt Lake City, UT --August 3, 2011-- Dynotron has been appointed as a Digi-Key Corporation Design Partner for capacitive touch sensing technology and LED lighting design as part of the Design Service Provider Program. “We have extensive experience in capacitive touch design using Texas Instruments, Atmel Q Touch, MSP430, Cypress CapSense technology and Microchip touch solutions as well as LED lighting design using Cree and National Semiconductor,” explained James Saffari, Engineering Director at Dynotron’s electronic engineering facility in Utah. “Digi-Key recognized our skills in these two dynamic fields of design and has appointed us as a Design Partner.” Digi-Key Corporation is one of the fastest-growing electronic component distributors in the world. Digi-Key’s website was launched over 15 years ago, and offers complete online commerce capabilities along with 24/7 instant access to a broad-based, multi-million dollar product inventory. A state-of-the-art order fulfillment system enables Digi-Key to process orders in as little as 15 minutes. Each year, Digi-Key processes hundreds of thousands of Internet orders for customers around the world.

Dynotron offers customers a comprehensive manufacturing service that starts with assisting with the design of the product, through production at its facility in Utah. Dynotron will redesign an existing product or design a new product using the latest components available. “This Design Partnership with Digi-Key will allow us to reach customers seeking our electronic engineering design capabilities,” explained James Saffari. “We are excited to partner with Digi-Key in offering customers our expertise in two rapidly growing areas of design, capacitive technology and LED lighting.”

About Dynotron, Inc.
Dynotron, Inc. is an electronic engineering firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dynotron offers full service product development, prototyping, hardware, software and mechanical design services, PCB layout, high-speed design analysis, circuit board assembly and testing for electronic products in the defense, medical, commercial, consumer, automotive and industrial markets. Custom products by Dynotron include LED lighting, capacitive touchpads and motor controls. Dynotron’s products are sold all over the world. Dynotron was the first company to design and develop capacitive touchpads for use in the swimming pool cover industry. Dynotron is the only electronic engineering firm in Utah to partner as a design service provider with Digi-key Corporation, one of the largest component distributors in the world. Dynotron is also a design partner with Texas Instruments, Altium and Fujitsu. 

Press Contact: For more information on Dynotron, Inc. please write to Dynotron at 411 Lawndale Drive Ste C, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 or visit www.dynotron.com.


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